Top 8 Comfort Foods in the Valley

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Are you looking for the best home cooked, hearty meals to enjoy this holiday season? Look no further, we have you covered with the top eight comfort food joints in the Valley!

Matt’s Big Breakfast


Photo courtesy of Matt’s Big Breakfast


At Matt’s Big Breakfast, this classic is always a popular item–Matt’s signature griddlecakes are no frills, 100 percent made from scratch and mixed by hand, day in and day out.

Check out their menu here.

The Normal Diner


Photo courtesy of The Normal Diner

The Normal Diner serves up a delicious hearty French toast plate. This masterpiece includes caramelized bananas, seasonal berries, salted bacon; caramel drizzled with a honey butter drizzle.

Check out their menu here.

Original Breakfast House


Photo courtesy of The Original Breakfast House

Fill your belly with this homemade sweet treat! Original Breakfast House is well-known for their amazing buns which cost only $3.75!

Check out their menu here.

Lux Central


Photo courtesy of Lux Central

Lux Central coffee shop and bakery buzzes at just about all hours and serves biscuits and gravy from 7 to 11 a.m. during the week and until 3 p.m. on weekends. The best part of Lux’s rendition? We can choose between sausage and chorizo.

Check out their menu here.

Oink Café


Photo courtesy of Oink Cafe.

This homey family-run breakfast & lunch spot specializes in bacon (5 kinds) & other pork products. Your choice of Applewood, Jalapeno, Honey curd, Sugar Cured, Apple Cider, Pepper, Hickory or Chef’s Choice. The oink café is known for their mouthwatering maple bacon donut.

Check out their menu here.

The Main Ingredient Ale House & Café


Photo courtesy of The Main Ingredient Ale House

Who knew macaroni baked in a sheet pan could be so good? Mindy’s Mac & Cheese at The Main Ingredient comes sliced and steaming with a side of toasted bread. The addition of mild green chilies adds a subtle but satisfying kick to the dish.

Check out their menu here.

Ranch House Grille


Photo courtesy of Ranch House Grille

Southwestern country fried steak, smothered in spicy pork chili verde, is clearly the star dish here. This family owned restaurant has been kicking since 1999!

Check out their killer menu here.


The Duce


The Duce’s chicken potpie jar was featured on the hit TV show, Diner’s, Drive-in and Dives! Fill your belly with this warm and delicious treat. They also have a special of $7 for the original meal and then it is only $2 to take one home!

Check out their menu here.

Be sure to check out one or more of the local favorites above and let us know which was your perfect pick for holiday comfort food dining.

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