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New Year, New You: Public Image Salon

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Public Image Salon Downtown Phoenix Roosevelt District

Industrial. Clean. Appealing. Artistic. Inviting.

Public Image Salon truly understands what it’s like to be a business located in Downtown Phoenix. Not only do they have an array of different hair, skin and nail treatments – which we’ll get to later – they also have an incredible space that truly highlights the talent in the surround area.

Appealing to the First Friday crowd, Public Image acts as a sort of traveling art gallery. With towering ceilings and perfect white walls, the salon displays different types of art from local artists for a month before switching it out for new works to always keep things fresh and interesting. It’s truly an experience that goes well beyond fabulous hair, skin and nails.

“The salon is equal parts art and beauty, and is an awesome destination for your new self in the new year.”

Public Image Salon Downtown Phoenix Art Shows

Photo courtesy of Jam Sani Photography

I’m a person who believes that the way I look when I walk out of the salon door is entirely based upon the overall aesthetic of the place. This is completely false and totally wrong, but that doesn’t change the reality of my thinking. Upon walking into Public Image, I immediately became excited about seeing the final result. The salon feels edgy and very modern, giving me the idea that I was about to leave feeling refreshed and revitalized. Everyone was incredibly kind and down to earth, walking around with smiles on their faces and an attitude that said they were happy to be there. Best of all, they immediately offered me coffee, so naturally I knew this was definitely a place I could love. (I’m a coffee addict.) You can tell their entire mission is about not only making the client feel beautiful, but also about making them feel welcomed and included.

Public Image Salon Downtown Phoenix

The Owners of Public Image Salon | Photo courtesy of Jam Sani Photography

During my visit, I was treated to a microzone facial upon arrival. Jalia Pettis, the professional makeup artist and esthetician at Public Image Salon, has many talents to offer. Besides offering the usual facials and skincare services, Jalia is also a celebrated makeup artist. She offers makeup for special occasions, photoshoots or simply just because!

The best part about my experience with Jalia was her ability to go with the flow. If I felt like relaxing, she quickly picked up on that and let me enjoy my facial. Whereas when I felt like talking, she was quick to entertain and keep me laughing throughout the experience! My facial was relaxing, refreshing and my skin felt amazing afterward. I noticed a difference in the clarity, moisture, brightness and texture of my skin following my facial – I was a happy girl!

Jalia Pettis Public Image Salon Downtown Phoenix

Jalia Pettis | Photo courtesy of Jam Sani Photography

Following the facial I was surprised with a second service! I had been set up with one of the hair stylists at the salon, Takejah Lambert, for a steam treatment. I’ve just recently transformed my hair from almost-black to white blonde, and I’m desperately looking for a way to nurture my locks back to health. Takejah was like my guardian angel. She explained that she was going to steam my hair, something I had never heard of before.

She explained that this was a technique she had developed after moving to Arizona from the East Coast. After moving to the dry Arizona heat, Takejah’s hair literally broke off. In a panic, she began experimenting with essential oils and the use of steam to allow the oils to effectively penetrate her hair. When I saw her at the salon, I wouldn’t have had any idea that her hair has been anything other than healthy. It was shiny, full and beautiful, something Takejah credits entirely to her steam treatments.

Takejah Lambert Public Image Salon Downtown Phoenix

Takejah Lambert | Photo courtesy of Jam Sani Photography

She began by washing my hair, and then put a conditioning treatment on my hair composed of essential oils to aid in different areas she thought my hair could benefit from. She then put me under a machine that looked like a stereotypical hair dryer, but instead of dry heat, it began distributing steam. I rested and relaxed while this continued for about 20 minutes. She then washed out my hair and blew it out. My hair hasn’t looked so shiny and healthy since I bleached it! Ever since my treatment, I’ve had more manageable hair with less flyaways and ends that look much healthier. The best part is that this service will not break the bank. Takejah offers bundles and package deals in addition to single treatments, making this something you could easily do monthly without cringing at the expense. Your hair will thank you!

Steam Treatment Hair Public Image Salon Downtown Phoenix

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My experience at Public Image Salon was absolutely wonderful! If you’re looking for a modern, friendly and talented group of individuals to help make you feel your most beautiful this new year, be sure to book an appointment at Public Image and check them out on Facebook!

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