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Exploring Barnone: A Craftsman Community

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Barnone: A Craftsman Community is, in my humble opinion, bound to become one of the Valley’s gems. Located in Gilbert, at Agritopia, home of local favorites Joe’s Farm Grill and the Coffee Shop, Barnone is the newest addition to the community, a self-described “modern day village set within the urban fabric of the Phoenix metro area.”

Barnone Exterior

Its shining metal exterior is simple, and doesn’t hint at what lies within. Barnone is a unique concept- a barn that houses an assortment of artisanal businesses, ranging from a hair salon to restaurants to the coolest flower shop I’ve ever been in.

A Johnston Family Tradition

Joe Johnston- Kitchen Sink Studios

To say the Johnstons are deeply imbedded in the Gilbert community would be an understatement. Jim Johnston bought the farm in the 1960’s when Gilbert was still all farmland and dirt roads. Jim’s son Joe would turn their farm and his childhood home into a tight-knit community of residents and small businesses while still keeping in touch with the agricultural roots and emphasizing the importance of family. Barnone is no exception. Three of the eleven businesses are owned and operated by members of the Johnston family. Joe’s brother, Steve, took his love for sporting to a new level and opened Johnston Arms while Joe continues his family’s culinary legacy with Johnston Machine Co, where he works to design and manufacture cutting-edge kitchen technology.

Good Eats

Barnone Food- Kitchen Sink Studios

Eating at Barnone is a more than a little different from going to a typical restaurant. First, you can grab a drink at 12 West Brewing Co. or Garage East. Then you can grab a bite to eat at Fire & Brimstone or Uprooted Kitchen. There’s no need to limit yourself to one choice either– you can feel free to wander around and try a little a bit of everything. If you don’t want to eat in, you can head over to The Farm at Agritopia, where you can buy produce grown in a farm you can actually see.

The Artisans

Prickly Pear Paper- Kitchen Sink Studios

If you’re looking for a place with cool, unique gifts (for others or yourself), look no further than the shops at Barnone. As a great lover of pretty stationary, I was very excited to look in on Prickly Pear Paper. The engaged duo who started the business design and make their own cards using a vintage letterpress machine, which I unabashedly freaked out over, while also selling stationary and little pretty things from Rifle Paper and local companies.

Everybody Loves Flowers- Kitchen Sink Studios

Over at Everybody Loves Flowers, Mireille Helm was busy preparing the most beautiful flower arrangements I have ever seen. Period. I wouldn’t really describe myself as having a keen interest in botany, but one sniff of the sweet scent of roses and I was a convert who walked out with three succulents and a rustic floral arrangement.

LetterCraft Ornaments

Image Courtesy of LetterCraft

LetterCraft drew me in instantly with their festive decorations. Atop the Christmas tree were at least 100 wooden ornaments, laser-cut with the faces of famous people from across time. Seriously, George Washington was neighboring Harry Styles. What a pair! Check them out for all sorts of little laser-cut treasures and custom work.

Wander- Kitchen Sink Studios

While I didn’t get the chance to try out Wander in the sense of having my hair done, I was impressed with the concept. It’s the smallest salon I’ve ever seen, probably only two or three-hundred square feet, with a single washing station and two styling stations. Wander joins simplicity and quiet with elegance and a sense of community, resulting in what I’m sure is a wonderful styling experience.

Images Courtesy of Kitchen Sink Studios

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