Impact Garden: Global Fashion Exchange at MSG

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Madison Square Garden


The dominating fast fashion industry is starting to get questioned.  While fast fashion may assist more money-conscious buyers, the enormous waste it has started to incur has triggered another strong and growing stance within the industry: sustainable and ethical fashion. Impact Garden through the Global Fashion Exchange event is standing up for that cause.

I won’t lie—I live for my Zara, Forever21, and H&M finds (and even some third party websites that ship from Asia)—but it is time to start thinking about what we are buying and the bigger picture are contributing to.  EcoWatch reports that the fashion industry is “the second dirtiest industry in the world.”  Fashion has such a long and complex supply chain involving many different parties, from materials, textiles, retail fixtures, sewing and manufacturing, packaging, and ending in the garment being either thrown away or donated.  With synthetic fabrics, clothing being shipped hallway across the world, and the after effect it can cause on the environment, it is too easy for waste to be mismanaged.  A change is imperative.

So how do we combat the overwhelming domination of fashion waste? We recycle. That’s the mission behind the Global Fashion Exchange, hosted by Brandsway Creative and Intandem Creatives, held in NYC’s own Madison Square Garden.  Attendees bring in at least one piece of gently used clothing and can take their pick from the marketplace of other gently used clothing brought by others.  By donating and receiving, the consumer gets some new items and you’ve eliminated some unwanted things from your own wardrobe. Chris Marta, from Intandem Creatives, said “By participating in this event, you are taking a huge step towards creating a better world in the future for everyone.”

DJ at Impact Garden

DJ at Impact Garden

The team behind Global Fashion Exchange really took the event to the next level by providing entertainment, snacks, and drinks.  In addition to be able to do some shopping, free pizza (both spicy and vegan) was delicious cocktails were available.  The coolest part about these cocktails?  The liquor of choice was provided by FAIR, the first line of socially responsible spirits, manufactured in France. They have vodka created from organic quinoa and a liquer from organic goji berries (they already had me sold at quinoa), just to name a few of the cool selections they have.

products (4 of 1)

At the beginning of the event, they offered a yoga session — it’s always imperative to find your zen before a night of fashion swapping. In addition to experiencing my new favorite booze, they had a Hoop-a-Thon to raffle off some prizes.  Just shootin’ some hoops on the floor of MSG…no big deal. 

yoga (23 of 1)

Many vendors and charities also set up shop at the event, providing insight and selling products that are creating a more sustainable fashion industry.

products (8 of 1)

Some of the very interesting vendors that were at the event were as follows:

  1. Parekh Bugbee
  2. Soko
  3. Modavant
  4. WellB
  5. Callina
  6. Rebuild Globally
Impact Garden MSG


“To date, we have saved over 15 tons from going to landfills from four GFX events in the US and Europe.”  – Chris Marta

What’s the big goal?  To save 500 tons from landfills. While you may not have your own GFX in your local city, doesn’t mean you cant contribute to the cause.  Have a fashion swap with some of your friends or in your local neighborhood, to contribute to this movement all we need to do is get together to make the most use of our wardrobes.


All photos provided by Brandsway Creative.

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