The Top Five Sioux Falls Pizza Places for Pizza Lovers

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Here’s the thing about pizza: we can live for 8,000 years and I don’t think any of us will ever stop having those days when pizza is all we need to feel you’ve done something right with your day. As one of the most popular food cravings, pizza will always have a place in our hearts. We’re lucky, then, that it will always have a place in Sioux Falls, too. Hangry for pizza? (It’s okay, me too.) Check out what Sioux Falls has to offer at these five places.


Breadico Di Napolitano

Breadico pizza

Photo courtesy of Breadico

Pizza lovers know that a large portion of a pizza’s quality comes from the science that is a perfect pizza crust, and who better to get that right than a bakery? During the day it masquerades as an outlet for bread and pastries, but on Friday and Saturday nights it doubles as a pizza restaurant, and a fantastic one at that.

RedRossa Napoli Pizza

Red Rossa SF

Photo courtesy of RedRossa

Red Rossa owns the Sioux Falls pizza market in one department: richness of flavor. While their biggest selling point is the incredible options they have for pizza toppings and how easy it is to make your own, even their preconceived pizzas are rich and full-bodied with a savory and deep flavor profile. Your mouth will water, and then your stomach will thank you.

MacKenzie River Pizza

MacKenzie River interior wood aesthetic

Photo courtesy of Sarah Kocher

If you go out for pizza for more than the pizza, MacKenzie River is your place. Its atmosphere makes everything you put in your mouth that much better (and the pizza is already good to begin with). If you like modern topping combinations, 80s jams and feeling way cooler than you thought you were, MacKenzie River has your name written all over it.

A Taste of the Big Apple

A Taste of the Big Apple

Photo courtesy of Yelp

There are three places we think of when we think of pizza: Chicago, Italy, and New York. The good news is A Taste of the Big Apple is a lot less expensive than a plane ticket. With fresh homemade pizza and a New York City decor theme, it promises to be a comprehensive experience in good pizza.


Fiero table

Photo courtesy of Fiero

Remember pizza’s geographical trifecta? Sioux Falls has got you covered on Italy too. In addition to their Italian pizza, they offer some unique combinations and the chance to make a combination of your own. Top it all off with a good price and tables that double as chalkboards, and you’ve got an Instagram-worthy mealtime at the VERY least.

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