Top 5 Tucson Brunch Spots—Just in Time for Summer

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Tucson might be getting warmer by the hour, but that doesn’t mean the weekend brunching will stop. I know everyone has always said breakfast is the most important meal of the day but whoever said that was WRONG! Brunch is the most important by far; where it is socially acceptable to each breakfast foods past 10 AM. Sleep in a little later, wake up a little hungrier…go to brunch!!! Don’t just go to brunch though; go to brunch at one of these top five Tucson brunch places worthy of the iconic breakfast and lunch combination.

Cup Café

Located in the heart of downtown Tucson inside of the infamous Hotel Congress is Cup Café, famous for it’s build your-own Bloody Mary bar, mimosas, and even breakfast margaritas. The breakfast menu is surely to satisfy all taste buds and the vintage hotel charm can’t be found anywhere else!


Photo courtesy of David Olsen

Prep and Pastry

Brunch meets gourmet at Prep and Pastry; a restaurant based on hospitality and their home-style food, Prep and Pastry definitely makes the list for top Tucson brunch spots. The exclusive and upscale dishes are made from scratch with all locally sourced ingredients. Just as breakfast and lunch meet at Prep and Pastry, the donut and croissant also meet creating the “cronut”—a pastry lover’s dream come true…the maple-bacon is a must-try!


Photo courtesy of Prep and Pastry


Manyards is both a kitchen and market…PLUS, a bakery with a bunch of ready-to-go sweets that will just make your mouth water. (Rule #1 of brunching: Calories don’t count). Manyards is a sister business to Hotel Congress and thrives on the passion of having the best place, product, and service.


Photo courtesy of Yelp


With the perks and downtown Tucson vibes and outdoor bar seating, Proper, of course makes the list. The restaurant focuses on sustainable, local, and organic practices; fun fact: any item on the menu can be made gluten-free.


Photo courtesy of Proper


Penca offers Mexican-style cooking all in the comfort of a renovated 1920’s building. If you know southern Arizona at all you know the Mexican food is to die for and Penca’s dishes straight from Central Mexico are no less.


Photo courtesy of Penca


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