A Day on Fourth Avenue in Tucson

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Photo Courtesy of Tucson Real Estate

Fourth Avenue is an iconic street in Tucson; if you live in Tucson and have never been to 4th Ave, do you really live in Tucson? Known for its unique little shops, restaurants, and constant entertainment, 4th Avenue is the perfect place to be on a summer day in Tucson. Get all your best friends together and follow this guide designed to visit all the best 4th Avenue destinations in one day.

7:00 AM– Start your day off bright and early


Photo Courtesy of 4th Avenue Yoga

with some Bikram yoga at 4th Ave Yoga. I can personally vouch for these yoga classes…. they’re amazing!!! I’m currently slightly obsessed with hot yoga and waking up with a quick sweat sesh is the best way to get your day started and your blood flowing. (If hot yoga isn’t your thing check out their schedule; they offer a wide variety of classes and they’re all amazing.) Did I mention each class is only $4?? Drop-ins are always welcome and the energy alone of the studio is incredible.

8:30 AM– So, after sweating out all those  toxins, breakfast is a must and hydration is key! Stop by Epic Café for the best breakfast menu on Fourth. The menu options satisfy basically anyone’s taste buds.

10:00 AM– When you’re on Fourth stopping at Pop Cycle is a MUST. Pop Cycle is a super unique gift shop. But even if you’re not from out of town, the things sold here will cater to you also. I’ve found and purchased some of the most unique items here and I ALWAYS get questions on where they’re from. Pop Cycle people; jump on the bandwagon!!! Everything sold here is made from recycled items and re-purposed materials, which I’m all about.


Photo Courtesy of Exo Roast Co.

11:00 AM– Ok that seven A.M. wake up call is starting to catch up to you SO, lucky you, it’s time for some strong caffeine. EXO Coffee is one of the best coffee shops in in town and also a personal favorite. Grab a table and chat for a while with all your girlfriends; you seriously can’t beat the vibes here. Not to mention, catching up with your girls is a necessity (and in my opinion us girlfriends never get enough of playing catch up…obviously). P.S. Don’t forget to get Instagram worthy pic of your latte—they’re really a work of art.

12:30 PM– Stop in to Food Conspiracy Co-Op and check out their unique selection of natural food products. Food Conspiracy is Tucson’s only full-service consumer cooperative. A co-op for those who don’t know is owned and democratically governed by its members; however at Food Conspiracy Co-Op in Tucson you don’t have to be a member to shop at the co-op. On Saturdays Food Conspiracy offers a series of “Conspiracy Classes” teaching the public anything from the benefits of living organically to ways of obtaining a healthy mind and body. They also host special events throughout the month that can be found on their calendar.

2:00 PM– All this walking around you’ve probably built up an appetite. Stop at Caruso’s, aka some of the best Italian Tucson has the offer. This cute little restaurant is a four-generation family owned restaurant. The cool thing about this restaurant is they prepare the food the same way it was prepared when the restaurant first started in the 1930’s. The story behind this little Italy of Tucson is unbelievable and should definitely be checked out.

4:00 PM– All right so this time is dedicated to shopping. Stop at Creations–one of the cutest boutiques around. Be prepared to do some damage; the items Creations has are always different than anything else. Fourth Avenue is also home to Hippie Gypsy, Antigone Books, and Olytata Art Studio & Gifts…to name a few.


Photo Courtesy of Creations

7:00 PM– Perfect timing for one of the best burger joints anywhere: Lindy’s on 4th. This little hole in the wall has been featured on the show Man vs. Food and prepares some of the most exclusive burgers. Here the burger is known as a form of art, creating a food experience that is not to be forgotten. The restaurant is known for the challenge that they offer to their customers: finish a burger that consists of nine 1/3 lb. patties of meat with cheddar and swiss, lettuce, tomato, onion, and Lindy’s sauce and the burger is on them.

So after most likely entering a food coma that completes the “Day on 4th Ave. Guide”. The best thing about Fourth Avenue is that it is almost impossible to stop everywhere all in one day so if there is a restaurant you are dying to try switch it out for one of my picks. You really can’t go wrong wherever you go.

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