13 Instagram-Worthy Destinations in Sioux Falls

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Obviously Instagram is nothing new, especially for the millennial crowd. However, with the news of the software update that shows the most interacted posts first in your feed instead of the most recent posts, it’s more important than ever to make sure your photos are absolutely picture-perfect.

To help you create the perfect post, we are counting down some of Sioux Falls’ best places to grab a snapshot (#s not included).


With big windows looking out to Phillips Avenue, Coffea is an artsy spot to take coffee pics in a cozy, unique atmosphere. You know the photos of  latte art and croissants get a ton of likes, so make sure to snap before you sip.


Enjoy the cool, minimalist vibe of Breadico while chowing down on some seriously delicious pizza. What could be better? (P.S. Read all about Kaylyn Deiter’s experience at Breadico here.)

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Falls Park

Obviously nothing is more authentic and unique to Sioux Falls than Falls Park. Stop by to enjoy the natural beauty and inspire serious travel envy amongst your followers.

Mural by Mama’s Ladas

If you’re looking for more of an urban feel for your street style post, be sure to check out Mama’s Ladas between Phillips and Main. You’ll get the big city vibe in your photo without ever leaving South Dakota.

Downtown River Walk

The Downtown River Walk is the perfect place to snap a quick picture (or 20). And, as a little bonus, there are always different events happening to create the perfect backdrop for your selfie.


Zanbroz is the perfect place to try your hand at the ever popular flat lay. With a variety of super unique products, there’s always some random and creative theme you can pull together to impress your followers. If flat lays aren’t your thing, they also have insanely awesome and creative window displays as well.

Japanese Gardens 

The Japanese Gardens are nothing short of beautiful, and your face in front of flowers is exactly the type of content you need to get that follower count up. 

Prairie Berry

Prairie Berry offers a ton of interesting Instagram options including food porn, flight tastings and flower shots. Honestly, if you hang out here, you’ll be an Instagram influencer in no time.

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Sertoma Park

Sertoma Park is the perfect place for reconnecting your feed to nature. Bonus points if you include a gorgeous sunset!

CH Patisserie 

CH Patisserie is like dessert heaven (read Sarah’s take on it here). And honestly, is anything prettier (or more delicious) than a picture of different shades of macaroons? We think not.

The Augustana Sculpture

Show your school pride with a pic next to the Augustana sculpture. Perfect for incoming freshman and graduating seniors alike. 

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Butterfly House 

Nothing is more elegant and peaceful than a beautiful butterfly. Let your followers appreciate nature, while you appreciate the numbers of likes going up, up and away.

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Fernson Brewing Company

For the 21+ crowd, Fernson Brewing Company offers the perfect backdrop for the #happyhour shot. White subway tile and delicious beer? Who could resist?! 

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Sioux Falls has so many great little spots to help you curate a gorgeous Instagram feed. If you can think of any spots we missed, be sure to tag us @SuburbsCouture!


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