Top 5 Tucson Dessert Spots

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Tucson is home to these little hole-in-the-wall restaurants that I can’t get enough of—no chains will ever compare. BUT equally as important as the restaurants are (of course) the hole-in-the-wall dessert joints; Tucson’s are UNREAL, guys! Keep reading for some of my favorites.

Stray Dogs


Stray Dogs is a restaurant known for their insane milkshakes! Get your camera ready before you dig in because you’re going to want a photo for Instagram, I guarantee. Not to mention, Stray Dogs loves your dogs…they even have a dog friendly patio—play area included! A restaurant that serves Instagram-worthy milkshakes AND let’s you bring dogs?? Sounds like my kind of place!

Be sure to check out Stray Dog’s Instagram and menu.



Woops! Is a bakery brand new to Tucson and couldn’t be in a better location– right on University Blvd. The bakery includes their New York-famous macarons, cookies, sandwiches, and coffee beverages, of course. Ok, not that the sweet treats from Woops! aren’t enough, this bakery’s aesthetics can’t be beat. Stop by after your classes and once again be prepared to take more pictures perfect for Instagram; you’ll feel like you just walked out of Tucson and into a New York bakery.

Be sure to check out their Instagram and menu.

Allegro Gelato


Allegro is the first “Gelateria” that offers real Italian Gelato in Tucson. They have tons of delicious flavors and encourage sampling to find your favorite. Everything is made right in Allegro’s kitchen with only fresh ingredients and the same traditional Italian Gelato recipe.

Check out all their flavors here!

Cashew Cow


So I feel like recently everyone is on this “dairy free” kick (myself included). Well if you are too, or maybe you’re actually lactose intolerant, you have to try Cashew Cow. They turn raw cashews into dairy-free ice cream and it’s delicious. Bonus, dairy-free doesn’t have to be boring…they have a variety of flavors so you won’t be disappointed.

Check out their Instagram! 

Frost Gelato


La Encantada is home to Frost Gelato and I swear I can never go to La Encantada without stopping into Frost—it’s so yummy! Frost also offers Sorbet and they have tons of flavors to choose from. I think one of the hardest parts of walking into Frost is choosing the flavor I want.

Check out Frost’s Instagram  and menu.


Be sure to let us know your favorite dessert spots in Tucson!


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