Couture Conversations: Jessica Hunter of Chic & Disheveled

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“Long story short, I am a Fashion and Fitness blogger, based in San Diego, CA, and I write the blog Chic & Disheveled. Where ripped jeans rule and black on black is in frequent rotation – Chic & Disheveled is all about finding a signature style and living it every day. I love reveling in all things creative – from blogging about personal style, fashion and fitness routines, to designing graphics and logos for emerging brands.”

Jessica Hunter Chic Disheveled Fashion Blogger LA

Jessica Hunter – Chic & Disheveled

I met Jessica Hunter here in Phoenix where she was working tirelessly to bring a new sense of style to Arizona through her blog, Chic & Disheveled. When she got the opportunity to move to San Diego, Jessica jumped at it (wouldn’t you?!), and quickly embraced life as a Californian. With a new city to inspire her and new people to collaborate with, Jessica’s passion for style has only grown, and with it, the success of her brand.

Learn more about the babe behind the blog through our quick Q & A below.

CitS: Who were some major influences in your life and how did they help you get where you are today?

JH: My mom and dad, without a doubt! They are in an essence, Chic and Disheveled.

My mom is a chic business woman, who loves mixing her every day basics, with a well-crafted designer handbag, and statement making David Yurman Ring – My mom is totally my style and grace and has helped me achieve the harmony of the high/low mix.

My dad is this incredible free spirit, who sharpies up his converse, has been wearing 501’s since the day he was born – and no joke was embroidering his denim before Gucci made it cool. My dad is basically the badass who inspired me to embrace the rebel inside myself, regardless of what others think.


CitS: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

JH: Create a Routine > There is a saying that failing to plan is planning to fail. Good content can happen by accident, but great content is executed down to the finest of details.

I now keep an editorial calendar including all social posts, and plan up to 60 days in advance when it comes to blog content.

CitS: What’s the biggest difference between life in San Diego and life in Phoenix?

JH: I am a surfer girl – so my number one would be the ocean! Number two is obviously the HEAT! OMG – I don’t miss the days where I would go to sit in my car and feel the sizzle on contact!

CitS: What’s one accomplishment you’re super proud of at the moment?

JH: I recently launched my YouTube channel which is super exciting – and has some fun videos featuring summer styles from Forever 21.

CitS: What 3 things do you never leave the house without?

JH: 1. My iPhone swaddled in a Sonix case – Side Note: I am genuinely in love with their cases because I have dropped my phone from 10 feet standing on a coffee table trying to get a good flat lay and my phone survived without a scratch.)

2. My Portable Phone Charger – Because, well – that is pretty self explanatory. I can’t tell you how pissed I was at the finale of Zang Toi at NYFW and my phone died so I got literally ZERO pics.

3. My notebook + Pen – I am old school. I love having someplace to write my thoughts and a phone or iPad just won’t cut it. I love the new notebooks I customized at – they let you design your own so I included my logo.

Jessica Hunter Chic Disheveled LA Style Blogger Fashion Blogger

CitS: What’s one thing we might not know about you just by looking at your blog? 

JH: I am a graphic design nerd, and love making infographics and logos and websites for brands and bloggers! I was over the moon when I had the opportunity to design both for one of my very fave bloggers, Gina Ybarra, aka Hunt for Styles.

CitS: What’s next for you? Any great trips planned or new projects coming up?

JH: Travel-wise, I am super excited because I have several projects coming up! One is up in L.A. with Shawl Dawls, a former Phoenix Fashion Week alum, and another will be to explore a new beach club in Los Cabos called SUR by Bar Esquina.


CitS: You feature a lot of interesting brand collaborations on your blog. Can you highlight a few of your favorites for us?

JH: I LOVE collaborating with brands and designers! I just became a brand ambassador for the San Diego based brand Killem With Chic, which is a fun statement T line, and also recently co-designed a capsule collection with the jewelry designers MINT by Noel.

The collection is all handmade, and involves labradorite, delicate gold chains and gold dipped pineapples and shark teeth! It was inspired by my travels in Los Cabos, Mexico and is called the “Get Lost.” Collection because I want people to spend more time living in the moment, and less time worrying about what to wear.

Each piece is comprised of a neutral color palette so it goes with virtually everything. I love getting my hands dirty, and was really involved in the designs, graphics and creative process. Kelly and Nikki are incredible to work with! See the collection of pieces here. 

Jessica Hunter Fitness blogger LA Chic Disheveled

CitS: Random fun facts?

JH: I love to box – like…literal boxing and have been doing it for a year with the trainers at Art of Eight Training in San Diego – it’s a great workout and perfect for blowing off steam

Aside from that, I have a yellow lab/german shepard mix named Brooklyn who is my partner in crime, I love to cook and also want to learn how to play the guitar, and DJ! I love music and have started creating customized Spotify Playlists for workouts and businesses! Check out a link to her profile here.

chic disheveled jessica hunter san diego fashion blogger

Jessica is such a fun and talented person whose positive energy is absolutely infectious! Be sure to follow Chic & Disheveled on Bloglovin’ here so you never miss a post, and join the conversation on social via Instagram & Twitter (@ChicDisheveled) and Facebook.

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