Positive Vibes Only

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We are big believers in what you think, you become. When you’re tirelessly working on pursuing your goals, it’s so important to keep your thoughts positive as you push forward each and every day.

Part of the reason we are so obsessed with The Zen Bird is because her headbands act as a reminder of the power of thoughts, and to always choose the good ones.

The Zen Bird Headbands Positivity

The Zen Bird x CitS | Photo courtesy of Almanza Photography

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We partnered with Marian, the driving force and head designer of The Zen Bird, to design headbands that we thought truly represented Couture in the Suburbs. One side of each headband is a black and white stripe pattern to represent the classic aesthetic we gravitate towards, while the other side is a playful gold design to represent the *sparkle shine* inside each and every one of us.

Positive Vibes Only

When hanging out at Optima Sonoran Village in Scottsdale, it’s pretty hard NOT to feel positive. With gorgeous greenery, beautiful amenities, and friendly faces, it’s a super nice place to work, stay, and play. However, even a beautiful surrounding can’t undo some of the inherent stress that comes with being a PR pro and managing editor for a growing website.

Skyler Scott is one hard worker and, although she’d never say it, life can be exhausting for this go-getter. To help her relax and stay positive, we planned a luxurious photo shoot at her “second home” as she calls it (her PR and marketing office is headquartered at Optima, a luxury apartment complex) with our favorite photographer, James Almanza of Almanza Photography. Throw in some Zen Bird headbands along with modern jazz music, and let the positive vibes flow.

cute hairstyle ideas headbands

The zen bird couture in the suburbs shop

The Zen Bird Couture in the Suburbs sklyer scott almanza photography

scottsdale arizona style fashion blogger headbands

Skyler scott the zen bird couture in the suburbs positivity headbands

Remember darlings, thoughts are a powerful thing and can either push you forward or pull you back. So, be sure to choose the good ones, and let go of anything that doesn’t make you feel like your very best.


Couture in the Suburbs

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Lindsay Viker
Lindsay Viker

Founder & Editor of Couture in the Suburbs. Fashion Enthusiast. Starbucks Addict. Jewelry Hoarder.

Almanza Photography
Almanza Photography

Almanza Photography is based out of Phoenix, AZ, and is lead by Phoenix Fashion Photographer, James Almanza. His work spans from Commercial to Editorial, Lifestyle Portraits to Modeling Portfolios and Weddings to Production Events.

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