Food As Fashion: Haute Couture You Can Eat!

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I told you NYC can be a hard knock life, right? Well the benefit? SUMMER FRIDAYS. On an ideal NYC summer Friday (leaving work early during the summer), I go to Chelsea market. Probably one of the worst ideas on the face of the planet—but something always keeps me coming back.

For me, on summer Fridays it is imperative that I go on an adventure (and maybe get into some trouble). Sometimes these adventures land you at your same local bar, but sometimes it lands you in a place that you cant help but fall in love with.

As I said before, I always find myself returning to Chelsea Market. I say it’s the tacos but it could also be the groceries, the ambiences, the endless selection, or the aroma of fresh food circling throughout the building surrounded by foodies alike all trying to taste flavors not native to their country. It is a space dedicated to stores and restaurants—all indoors—and all a good time.

But there are other things about the market besides food…and fashion is one of them. As I was on a mission to get my weekly fix of Los Tacos No. 1 (THE best tacos in NYC, oh I said that already?), an amazing fashion exhibition was ongoing within Chelsea Market. The topic: Fashion inspired by food. And I’m telling you guys, this is why I love NYC. In all it’s fast-moving and hard-knock, you can still stumble upon something that’s intriguing and fit for your interests.

chelsea market food fashion

Gattinoni’s “Bread Dinner”

The exhibit titled L’Eleganza del Cibo featured about 58 designs from the top designers in fashion such as Franco Moschino, Emilio Pucci, and Max Mara; and also some emerging designers.  The theme was straight from Italy and the designs dated between 1950-2016. All the outfits showcased were Haute Couture and as you can imagine…beautiful. What I learned form this exhibit is that food also serves as a strong influence in creating fashion; and that the designs that are inspired by food are extremely detailed, well-thought pieces of art. The designs exude precaution and inspiration but also the exceptional creativity behind the clothing, mixing fragile and sometimes perishable food elements into structured couture designs must not be easy but these designers executed fabulously.

The exciting part about this exhibit was being able to see all elements of the earth exemplified through the clothing. Whether it was spice, earth, or air—fashion found a way to take those elements and create art. Personally, I have never been able to sew a piece of clothing together, but I have tried and failed miserably. However, the best part of seeing this exhibit is that these pieces are true examples of art, combining composition, construction, food, fashion and create unique pieces that ultimately cannot be replicated.

Take a look into the exhibit below:

cloud dresses chelsea market fashion food art

Italo Marseglia’s “Air Clouds”

chelsea market food as fashion art

Alessandro Consiglio’s “Apples and Cherries”, “Popcorn,” and Ferreti’s “Tea in the Desert”

food fashion art new york city chelsea market

Galante’s “Tagliatelle,” Gattinoni’s “Tomato” and Nicolas Martin Garcia’s “Ice Cream Cone”

If you have any place you would like me to visit or have any suggestions, please feel free to email me at I promise, I only bite my food!


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