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Vroom – The New Sound of Luxury

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Shopping for a car is a BIG deal. I mean, your car really is just as much part of your personal identity as your handbag. When you pull up to that big meeting, or to happy hour with your friends, the first thing people notice about you is your car. Unfortunately, shopping for a car isn’t NEARLY as exciting as shopping for clothes, shoes, and purses… well, at least it wasn’t, until we discovered Vroom.

Now, buying a car is as easy as any other form of online shopping. With, you can literally buy or sell a car from the comfort of your couch (glass of wine and pajama pants optional). The best part is, your new car will be delivered to your front door—free of charge. Then, you’re free to spend your weekend somewhere other than a used car dealership. Thank God. 

Vroom phoenix car delivery buy car online

I was so excited to partner with and have the big glass truck arrive at my doorstep! There is something incredibly impressive about having this massive truck roll into your neighborhood with your new car in the window like one of Bergdorf’s best window displays. My neighbors all stopped to ask about it, and I felt like a little local celebrity.

Audi A6 Vroom phoenix couture in the suburbs

Vroom brought an Audi A5 for our team to play around with for the afternoon, and oh my did we have a good time! (Full disclosure: I didn’t buy this car, but I did take it for a test drive and now have it on my Christmas wish list!) One of my favorite parts about buying a car from Vroom is that you have a 7 day / 250 mile window to test drive the car to make sure you absolutely love it. If you don’t, they’ll come pick it back up for free and give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Couture in the Suburbs Phoenix Vroom

The absolute BEST part about Vroom though (in my humble opinion), isn’t the awesome truck, or the 7 day window, or the huge selection of cars, it’s without a doubt the haggle-free pricing. I have gone to so many used car dealerships with friends and family and sat through hours and hours of negotiation and it honestly makes the whole experience so negative. Does anyone actually ever feel like they are getting a good deal after all that?!

With Vroom, there is no haggling. The price you see is the price you pay, every.single.time. And, their value pricing has the cars below market price, so you know you are getting a good deal. Vroom will even help you out with the financing part of the car-buying experience. They partner with over 30 banks nationwide to get you the best price without having to shop around.

Phoenix Vroom

My entire team and I fell in love with Vroom when we were researching and testing out the company, and we are so excited to give you an awesome opportunity to try them out. If you are in the market for a new car, use our promotional code VIPPHX6 and you’ll save $250!

Here’s how the promo code works:

  • Choose your dream car, go through the online process to choose payment type, submit a trade-in (if desired) and set up delivery.
  • When you receive an email or phone call from your customer representative, mention you were referred by us and give them the promo code VIPPHX6.
  • You will receive a $250 cash card 2-3 weeks after your car is delivered!
  • We go out for drinks to celebrate (optional).


lindsay viker vroom phoenix

We’re not the only ones who love So if you need a little more convincing, see what others are saying:

“The used car market meets 2015: No showroom, no salesmen, free delivery” – Fast Company

“The website makes car-buying, haggle-free, with prices below market prices, so customers can rest easy knowing they aren’t getting ripped off.” – Business Insider

“Vroom wants to make buying and selling a car as easy as ordering an Uber.” – Fortune

Vroom phoenix

So, what are you waiting for? #GETAVROOM!

Vroom phoenix couture in the suburbs

Shoutout to the AMAZING customer service team who made us love VROOM even more!

Thank you to for sponsoring this post.
Photos courtesy of my amazing mother, Denise Viker. 

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