Couture Conversations: Alyssa Wilson of Magnolia Styling

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Alyssa Wilson has to be one of the absolute sweetest, most genuine people I have ever met. This blogger turned business owner has made tremendous strides with her newest venture, Magnolia Styling, and has become Phoenix’s go-to person for the perfect braid, styling tips, and heart-warming photography.

I wanted you all to get to know this awesome Phoenician a little bit better, so I sat down with her (virtually) for a quick Couture Conversation.

Alyssa WIlson Magnolia Styling Sincerely Truly Scrumptious

Alyssa Wilson | Magnolia Styling

CitS: Who is Alyssa Wilson?

AW: I am a female entrepreneur that happens to be extremely passionate about fashion, styling, photography, braids and inspiring young women. I started blogging a few years ago and late last year launched my new business Magnolia Styling. Magnolia Styling encompasses all of my passions into one: Photography.Braid Bars.Styling

CitS: Who were some major influences in your life and how did they help you get where you are today?

AW: My family and husband have always been my biggest supporters. I lean on them for advice and share my ideas with them. I am also inspired everyday by fellow bloggers, small business owners and the online community we encompass.

Alyssa Wilson Phoenix Influencer

CitS: What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten?

AW: I feel like I have received this advice many times {from my mom} and now that I understand it, it is my favorite advice to give, especially to people wanting to start a blog or start a small business – NEVER give up, NEVER compare and stay authentic to yourself. Blogging has always brought me so much joy and I always told myself that if I’m not having fun anymore I’ll stop and change directions. This still rings true today with Magnolia Styling. Create what you love and make it into a job you love.

CitS: What’s one of your favorite things about Phoenix?

AW: Phoenix is the definition of a melting pot. There is so much culture to be found and explored. I love finding new spots for shoots with my clients and I also love networking with all the rad extremely talented people in the area.

Alyssa Wilson Bloguettes Instagram Camp Magnolia Styling

CitS: Where are your favorite places to shop locally?

AW: Two favorites of mine is Pitaya {located on Mill} and Lizard Thicket. I love to mix up my style and both of these shops support that

CitS: You recently brought Magnolia Styling to the Bloguettes Intagram Camp. What was the highlight of the event for you?

AW: Besides meeting all the amazing people that came out to the event, I probably braided close to 90 people within the span of the camp. I loved getting to see everyone’s reactions after getting braided. They all were so excited and left my chair with a fun new confidence.

Alyssa Wilson Bloguettes Camp

CitS: What’s one thing you learned from being around all the talented women?

AW: No matter how many followers you have – there is always something to be learned and there is always room to grow.

CitS: Any other details we should know?

AW: I am a mom to my adorable French Bulldog, Stogie – he completes me

Alyssa WIlson Stogie the Frenchie

To see more from Alyssa, be sure to follow her on Instagram @MagnoliaStyling.


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