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Spring Clothing Swap Preview. By Guest Blogger — Alea Becwar

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Clothing Swap” is the perfect event for any fashionista looking to give back to her community, and it is happening this spring! This event is an opportunity for you to bring a few pre-loved items from your wardrobe and exchange them for stylish pieces you find at this boutique style swap. You can bring up to 10 items for exchange and any un-swapped items will be given to a local charity.

Not only is this a great way to give a little, and get a little, but it is an opportunity to meet new friends and get connected with other fashion savvy people in your community. What more could you ask for?

Clothing Swap Tempe

We sat down with Lizzy and Chloe, the two girls in charge of this year’s Spring Clothing Swap, to find out what they had to say about their upcoming event. This is Lizzy and Chloe’s first time coordinating a swap for Tempe. The girls are really excited to coordinate the spring Swap and are already mentally-preparing for all the craziness.


How many years have you been involved with Clothing Swap?

We went to one last year, and then I helped coordinate the last one in the fall.

What were the best and worst parts about coordinating the event last year?

 The best part is the end result. After the event, you feel so great – seeing people come out with new clothes, new experiences, and new friends. We also had DIY booths so that was a lot of fun.

The hardest part is coordinating, making sure everything’s on point. We didn’t expect it to be as large as it was. We were super overwhelmed with how many people ended up showing up. You never know what the event is going to be like until it happens.

Clothing Swap Tempe

How do you think Tempe will benefit from having this event?

 I think getting more people involved. Tempe has a huge fashion base and there’s so many people here, so I think just spreading that would benefit all around.


Tell us a little bit more about Clothing Swap:

The event was originally put on by Co-op Phoenix. It was all kind of made with the idea of collaboration and bringing the community together under this one common element that everyone cared about. It didn’t really start off as a fashion thing. It was an alternative way for you to meet interesting people besides at a party.

The reason we wanted to bring it to ASU is because there’s a lot of people who are into fashion, but there’s no way to really connect them. So I think this is a really great way to connect those people, and create this small community.

Clothing Swap Tempe

What was it like being at the last clothing swap as a guest?

It was just amazing. Everyone there just wanted to get to know you and it was so welcoming. After freshman year, and going to classes and being like “what’s going on….” being welcomed by all these people, who are so interesting, was nice.

There was so much going on. You get so many fun items. I was just kind of starting to get excited about fashion and after seeing the event I was like “This is what I want to do”

Clothing Swap Tempe

Chloe has a passion for fashion and is prepared to share her passion with the community.

What are you going to do to make sure this next clothing swap is just as good (if not better) than the last one?

 Oh… don’t worry! It’ll be great. We’re really trying to reach out to different nooks of students in the school who would want to do something like this. There’s so many people itching to do something cool who love recycled fashion or want to be a stylist, or whatever.

I think we’re going to make this one different because it’s going to be a little more fashion oriented and there’s going to be some cool DIY’s and a photo booth. Hopefully there will be a lot more passion involved.

Tell us a little bit about the charity aspect of the event.

Last swap, we benefited Fresh Starts Women’s Foundation and all the clothes went to Clothing Cycle. We collected over 1600lbs of clothes at the last swap. It’s a quick and easy way to give back.

Why not help charity and get a few cute items as well?

Clothing Swap Tempe

We hope after hearing from the Swap hosts themselves you are excited and ready for the Spring Clothing Swap! This is going to be an amazing event and an opportunity to get out in the community and meet new friends. This event is open to anyone, which includes friends and family members of all ages – you can even bring your guy friend as there will be clothes for everyone at the swap!

If you are interested in volunteering for this event, contact Chloe at for more information.

Make sure to mark your calendars for March 3rd, and gather a few items for the Swap! And don’t forget to connect with Clothing Swap on Facebook for more details leading up to the event.

P.S. A huge thank you to Hilary Pendleton for letting us include her photos from the summer clothing swap in May! And, of course, another big thank you to Alea Becwar for her fab write up! Your girls are so talented and Couture in the Suburbs is thrilled to team up with such passionate ladies.

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