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Say “Goodbye” to Flat Hair

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Blowouts are the key to gorgeous Hollywood hair. They’re famous for turning flat, dull hair into shiny, tousled, and voluminous locks. “Blowout bars,” as they’re commonly referred to, have been popping up all over the valley in the last few years with the intention of providing glam hairstyles meant to last. I decided it was time to give the whole “blow out” thing a try.


Luxxi Salon owners Jill and her daughter Loren. Photo courtesy of Luxxi Salon and Louis Hernandez Photography.

Phoenix’s very own Luxxi Salon offers a stunning blowout, wonderful shopping, and a relaxing environment in one cozy boutique-style layout. I was invited to the salon by Jill Brimhall, one of the Luxxi Salon owners, and treated to a blowout of my own.


Luxxi Salon in Phoenix

Jill, who did my blowout, had extensive product knowledge and made me instantly feel like I was in great hands. To begin, she asked me what I wanted from my blowout. I told her that I liked the big, classic curls like the ones you tend to see on Hollywood red carpets. She knew exactly what I wanted and got to work! I absolutely loved how it turned out! She made sure to tailor my blowout to my hair’s specific needs, resulting in a long-lasting style (even though it was raining nonstop outside – impressive!).


After my blowout!

The Luxxi staff treated me, and everyone else who walked through the door, like family, something Jill said was very important to her.

“We wanted a homey environment that was high-end but still felt like a comfortable place where you can come on your lunch hour and eat your lunch while getting your hair done, all in a relaxing atmosphere,” Jill said.


The smiling faces of Luxxi Salon.

Perhaps the thing that sets Luxxi Salon apart from other blowout salons is their ability to offer many services in addition to the full-service hair salon: Extensions, tanning, facials, and shopping are among them. “We want to be able to accommodate your hair and fashion – kind of the total image,” Jill said.


Luxxi carries multiple high-end product lines.

Luxxi Salon is a one-stop-shop for all of your beauty needs. I love that in one place I can get my hair blown out, buy an outfit for an event that night, buy a gift if necessary, and relax in a comfortable environment. What more could a busy girl need?!

“When you’re processing and you have a little downtime, you can go shop and look around the boutique,” Jill said. “If you’re in a hurry and you’re getting your hair done but you have to get something for an event, you can be ready to go straight from the salon.”


The boutique offers gorgeous accessory options for the girls-on-the-go!

Jill describes the salon best when she says, “It’s a high end salon with a cozy attitude.” My two favorite things: high end and cozy!

Be sure to book your next appointment at Luxxi Salon in Phoenix for all of your girly needs! Visit for more info.

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