Clutch Takes Coachella

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Coachella: noun. 1. The weekend-long magical festival that puts “reality” to shame. 2. The festival you wish would never end.

coachella, ferriswheel, sunset

The Coachella ferris wheel at sunset.

There are so many wonderful things about Coachella: The joyous people, the jaw dropping sunset and festival grounds, the best grilled cheese you’ve ever had in your entire life… but, there are two things that stand out above all else: The incredible artists who never fail to give you the performance of a lifetime, and the inspiring fashion that comes through those festival gates.

My first year at Coachella (last year) I had fun with flower crowns and the traditional Coachella accessories. Honestly, I loved it. But one year was enough, and I was over it.

DIY, coachella, astronoughtman

Last year at Coachella in my DIY flower crown with the astronaut man.

This year, however, I wanted to wear pieces that were unique to my style and fashion that I’m passionate about – not what I thought everyone else was going to wear. I wanted to stand out, and most importantly, I wanted to be different.

Coachella, AmericanApparel, Forever21

At Coachella this year wearing the Landslide crown/hat band from Clutch Crowns by Arizona brand Clutch Jewelry.

If you only take one thing away from this post, I want it to be this: If you want to stop people in their tracks, wear Clutch Crowns.

Coachella, clutchcrown, sunshine

Wearing the Vicious Punk crown from Clutch Crowns by Clutch Jewelry.

Stacy Eden, owner and designer of Arizona’s own Clutch Jewelry and Clutch Crowns, outfitted me in the best of the best of metal work and designs. Her intricate weaving of metals packs a punch and is the perfect accessory for festival fashion. I couldn’t get enough, and neither could my fellow Coachella-ers.

I can’t tell you how many people chased me down, photographed my outfits, or pulled me aside to ask about the creations – all I know is, it was a lot.

Coachella, festivalfashion, clutchjewelry

Wearing the Black Dog necklace by Clutch Jewelry and an American Apparel body suit.

Eden pays attention to detail, and it pays off. Her designs are limitless, and just when you think she’s hit her peak, she shocks us all with something that pushes all of the boundaries.

Coachella, freepeople, michaelcostello

Wearing Clutch Crowns creations by Clutch Jewelry with Free People pants and bralette.

Her pieces inspire. They ooze art, elegance, edginess and effortless-sexiness. The possibilities are endless with Eden’s designs. Simply turning a belt or crown upside down, adding a few chains, adjusting lengths, bending the piece in a different way, or putting on a piece as a necklace instead of a crown changes the designs into a completely new creations.

coachella, floppyhat, ferriswheel

Wearing the Landslide Clutch Crown as a hat band and the Black Dog necklace by Clutch Jewelry. The versatility of Eden’s pieces is endless.

People gawk at her designs, and for good reason. Each piece is handmade by Eden, and every one is as gorgeous (or even more so) than the last.

If there’s one designer who does festival fashion absolutely perfect, it’s Clutch Crowns. And lucky for us, she’s right here in Arizona.

So here’s my advice; All of you Weekend 2 Coachella bound music lovers (or fashion lovers in general) check out Clutch Crowns before you head out – Eden never disappoints.

Coachella, sunset, festival

The sun setting outside the Sahara tent on the last day of Weekend 1 at Coachella.

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