Drawing Outside The Lines Of New York Fashion Week 2015

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“She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.” 
― Rainbow Rowell

The small boutique fashion show had much to show and left little to say besides you wanting to update your wardrobe. Alongside of the hectic days of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, Small Boutique Fashion Week is in the background showcasing independent designer talent and giving it it’s own runway to shine on. While big name fashion is one of the most forefront interests of the residents of New York City, so is the encouragement and support of smaller designers with equal talents of the most famous fashion houses of today.


I stepped into the Noon PM show still recovering from an epic night at the Soho House the night before, meeting make up artist Tanya Marques, whom we have previously done an interview with, securing two seats in the front row.

The first show starts and I instantaneously fall in love, Toi Box Couture, puts on a show of pure envy. Centered around long silhouettes and what I like to call, the new form of elegance, showing off legs and bare necks – the start to the show had me excited. My favorite piece? Her blue sequin jumpsuit (pictured below) that I immediately wanted to buy off the runway – it made me feel something. The designer’s hard work and effort showed through her emotional walk on the runway.


As most of you may (or may not) know, fashion shows are a strung together performance. From the models to the music, to the collection – everything is meant to come together as one phenomenal art piece. Several designers showed their best during the event but none caught my eye like Toi Box Couture (pictured below).


While the fashion show is ongoing, to the side there were small vendors also making their appearances. I wanted to take personal notice of Rysk Designs, making such unique and interesting jewelry that I advise everyone snatch their own piece. Pictured below are examples of some of her work. While her website is coming soon, I would suggest googling her and seeing what other avenues you can take to secure her work. (I’ll be doing the same.)


When leaving the event, you went downstairs to experience the Affordable Art Fair. This showcased artists from all over the world with art selling at an affordable price range. An intriguing alternative event rather than keeping up with the hustle and noise surrounding New York Fashion Week (Although—let’s face it, we all want to be in it). Even if you don’t pick up a piece, it’s great to be inspired by the colors and images created by hand. One of the pieces by artist Jean-Francois Debongnie, was created with the canvas flat on the ground and by letting the color seep into each other over time, until the painting is finish it is never actually seen hanging on a wall. One of my favorites is pictured below.


Later on during the New York Fashion Month (all of September) extravaganza. Macy’s had a shopping party event celebrating their “Front Row” fashion show in which I got the chance to meet Lo Bosworth. Now, many of you may know her from Laguna Beach and The Hills but in the blogging world, she’s a champion. She has recently won the Blog Lovin’ Award for the Best Blog of 2015 for her website thelodown.com. While fashion is where this blog started, Lo personally told me how they are branching out into different avenues (take a look at ‘A FAT ASS DOES A JUICE CLEANSE’). I asked her what was the best advice she has for aspiring bloggers she said: “To talk about things you really care about. Nowadays so many people are talking fashion and trends and outfits, it’s really about talking about you and what you want to talk about and relaying that to the public.”

Thanks for the advice, Lo!


Have any events in the NYC metro area that you would love for me to cover? Shoot me an email at Francesca@coutureinthesuburbs.com. I’m always up for an adventure.


The list of designers who showed at SBFW 2015:

Toi Box Couture

Antionette Couture

Uncommon Ravish


V Hanley
Tailorglam Body Suits

Intrendzick Couture

Sassy International
MAX Marie

Lall Dass
Styles by CC

Tasch NYC

Limited Editions by Lorraine


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