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The Art of Dressing – By Advanced Style Star Tziporah Salamon

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Ever think that life gets boring as you get older? Tziporah Salamon is out to prove that rumor false! This fashionista is having the time of her life – getting photographed on the street, starring in documentaries, and modeling for Lanvin… Umm.. where can I sign up?!

Tziphora Salamon Advanced Style Dressing Tips

Photos courtesy of Advanced Style

This daring fashionista made her way out to Scottsdale to teach the women here a very important lesson… The Art of Dressing.

advanced style tziporah salamon

One of Arizona’s most stylish women and owner of Vintage by Misty, Misty Guerriero, hosted an incredible event that brought together fashion lovers from all walks of life to listen to the pearls of wisdom Tziphorah had to share. The event was the epitome of fabulous. But, if you’ve ever set foot into Vintage by Misty, you honestly wouldn’t expect anything less.

Tziporah Salamon Vintage by Misty

So Tziporah…. we all want to know… what guidelines should we follow to help us look and feel our best?

tziporah salamon vintage clothing

* Have fun with your clothes. Fashion shouldn’t be so serious. Find pieces that speak to you and create a look around that.

* Care for your clothes. Preserving them can feel like a full time job, but it is essential.

* Mix high and low, but insist on quality and originality.

* Kimonos can be your best friend.

* Hats are a must.

* And, always be on the hunt be something fabulous!

Vintage by Misty Scottsdale

After the event, the guest were feeling inspired… inspired to shop that is! And when you are hanging out in one of the coolest vintage shops in AZ (and probably the world), that’s pretty easy. Several people even went home with Tziphorah’s hand-picked items.

But, even if you weren’t there to see exactly which pieces the renowned fashionista picked, Misty and her right hand girl, Suzanne, will be happy to help you find a piece that fits your style and highlights the best vintage finds in Arizona.

Vintage by Misty Old Town Scottsdale Boutique

All I have to say is that if fashion is the secret to “eternal youth”, I’m happy to be well on my way…. and I better start investing in more closet space!

Lindsay Viker Tziphora Salamon Vintage by Misty

To see what’s Tziporah’s wearing today, be sure to visit and follow her on Instagram @tziporahsalamon.

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