Couture Conversations: Madison Morrow of ASU’s Business of Fashion

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College students have always been a source of inspiration for me. I think it has to do with the fact that a world of possibility lies ahead of them, and they are constantly scouring the best options for their future. One college student in particular, Madison Morrow, has always impressed me.

I met Madison several years ago when the Arizona State University club Business of Fashion at ASU was in its infancy. Now, several years later, Madison is going on her second year as president of the organization and has used the club to make a huge impact on ASU’s view of the importance of fashion, and is changing the way Arizona as a whole is embracing fashion.


Madison Morrow | President of ASU’s Business of Fashion

CitS: Who is Madison Morrow?

MM: I am a fashion-, beauty- and wellness-obsessed student at ASU studying Marketing. I’m inspired by women who make their own rules and push limits in their fields. I joined Business of Fashion my freshman year and quickly fell in love with the community of like-minded individuals supporting one another to do great things!

CitS: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

MM: During my summers in high school, I used to take classes at an art school in Minneapolis. When we first started drawing, my instructor told us to always trust our eyes. It applies for drawing of course, but also with interactions I have at school and work. You’ll notice so much more if you just pay attention.

CitS: What’s one of your favorite things about ASU?

MM: I love the community feeling at ASU. Even though there are tens of thousands of students, it really has a small school feel to it.


CitS: What is your spot to hang out at on the weekends?

MM: On the weekends, you’ll find me at Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe. It’s my favorite spot to plan out the next week, meet with friends, and get a delicious cold brew.

CitS: What are some highlights we can expect for Business of Fashion at ASU this year?

MM: Business of Fashion is in its fourth year now so I think we are transitioning out of the new club phase. We know what works for our executive board as well as what our members are looking for. This year, we are looking to expand our horizons to gain more traction outside of ASU. Expect the unexpected!


CitS: Would you say that you resonate more with beauty, fashion or culture and why?

MM: Culture resonates with me the most because of how encompassing it is. A sense of community is important to me, so building a strong culture within different aspects of my life is something I prioritize. Fashion and beauty are where I find my inspiration. The culture around it is where I develop that inspiration!

CitS: Who is your biggest inspiration in Arizona?

MM: My biggest inspiration in Arizona comes from the executive board of Business of Fashion! They are all incredibly hard workers and balance so much. It’s amazing to see what they do between school, work, and BOF.

CitS: In your opinion, in what way can ASU’s fashion scene be pushed forward?

MM: I think that ASU’s fashion scene can be pushed forward by bringing in industry leaders with true experience in their fields. I’m so excited that Dennita Sewell will be leading the fashion program here. Her expertise is exactly what ASU needs. We are so lucky to have her!


CitS: What brand/designer are you wearing right now?

MM: On a college budget, I’m always on the lookout for quality clothes at a good price. I’m loving Public Desire shoes lately! I have the best pair of ankle boots from them I wear everywhere.

To see more from Madison Morrow, be sure to follow her on Instagram @madis.on and the Business of Fashion at ASU @asubof.


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