10 Must-Visit Rooftops In NYC

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When you’re in NYC, a rooftop is a must-visit.  When you live in NYC, a rooftop is a must-visit. Basically, start drinking in some nice open air with stellar views–no matter what part of the city you’re in.  As summer comes to a close and I try to get in all the rooftops I can–here is my round-up of the Top 10 in the city.  Enjoy!

Le Bain @ The Standard

Le Bain at the Standard can not be put into words, because frankly you will be leaving speechless.  It’s loud, it’s wild, and it’s always all good at the top of the Standard.  If you go no where in NYC, you must take a trip here.


Photo Courtesy of: Loving New York


Tiki Tabu

This rooftop opened this summer and I can say from personal experience, they have captured a true tropical feel.  The best part? They serve a mean cocktail in bronze pineapple chalices–need I say more?


Photo Courtsey of:  Rove Concepts


Hotel Americano

La Piscine at Hotel Americano is a beautiful site.  My number one reason for telling you to visit though, is that there is a grill right on the rooftop.  Grilled meats, next to the pool, with a full view of NYC–BRB I think I’m heading there now.


Photo Courtesy of: Boutique Hotels


The Brass Monkey

The Brass Monkey is everything that the meatpacking district is not. Relaxed and non-pretentious, it’s airy rooftop brings the cool water breeze as well as a pretty interesting view of the Standard’s rooms (cover up folks!).  If that hasn’t persuaded you enough–their happy hour starts at Noon.


Photo Courtesy of: NYC GO

The William Vale

The newest one on the list–I haven’t been to yet. However, it’s been getting rave reviews, drinks, lot of open space, and a pool–sounds like photographer’s (and party girl’s) dream.


Photo courtesy of: Curbed NY


The Press Lounge

The ambiance of the Press Lounge makes me want to write for an old school newspaper and smoke cigars.  Although you can’t do either on the roof, the drinks are spectacular and the panoramic views make you forget about going to work.


Photo Courtesy of the The Press Lounge


The Roof At McCarren

When big names like Macy’s and InStyle are throwing brand parties at your pool, you know you’re a big deal.  Day passes are a bit pricey, but all the fun that comes with it is priceless.


Photo courtesy of: AM NY 


Pod 39

Pod 39 is where you want to visit a rooftop in midtown, but you actually don’t want to be in midtown.  It’s architecture makes you feel you’re in Brooklyn with your musically gifted friends but you’re in reality you’re with your office buddies. Bonus: You can order tacos.


Photo courtesy of:  Modlar


Loopy Doopy

The trek to Loopy Doopy rooftop bar can be a bit off-putting.  But just suck it up, order your popsicle in prosecco and Instagram away. It’s your NYC right.


Photo courtesy of: Egg Canvas


Gallow Green

Last but not least, there’s Gallow Green.  They change their themes with the seasons which make you want to come back for more. During the summer there is jazz brunches and in the winter they create cozy cabins serving up Hot Toddies.  An all-year good time.


Photo courtesy of: Nylon Black Book


Have a place you want me to review? Or any suggestions?  Feel free to email me at francesca@coutureinthesuburbs.com.

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