Interviews / Photoshoots / September 12, 2012

Accessorize Accordingly

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Accessories can make or break your outfit. Here at Couture in the Suburbs, we whole-heartedly believe in dressing up your favorite ensemble with a statement piece of jewelry (or multiple if you’re feeling daring), which is why we couldn’t have been more excited to accessorize with spectacular pieces from Melis Accessories to our looks.

Melis has been designing jewelry for years now, with lines ranging from hardware & crystal necklaces to leather cuffs. To say this woman is talented is a huge understatement.

We sat down and asked Melis what makes her lines so different from anything else in the market right now. “I think my strength is color and texture and uniformity. I see things the way they’re supposed to be. I’m very visual. I mix colors properly. I see things awkward as clean. It’s really just my eyes.”

Melis’s unique touch makes her hand-crafted pieces a one-of-a-kind purchase. “I don’t ever want to saturate a market because I think you should have something more special…There’s a little bit of me in all my pieces,” Melis shares.

The Skins cuffs are what caught our eye when we first stopped by the Melis table at the “Shop the Garment District” event. The unique mixture of gemstones, laces, and studs make each piece exclusive, glamourous, and super fun!

“The Skins cuff aren’t even a year old yet, they’re really new. I found some natural stones from jewelry I had been making before and I was like, ‘Hmm… what can I do with these?’ I knew nothing about leather! Nothing! It was kind of a learning process,” Melis told us. She has obviously mastered the skill now!

Windsor denim jumper, Nordstrom twisted turban, Forever 21 belt, H&M dress, Steve Madden bag, Nordstrom boots, Melis Accessories

Rustic Metals

Couture in the Suburbs is the FIRST to debut Melis’s latest line, Rustic Metals. These necklaces come in a variety of shapes and lengths to complement any look. Rustic Metals works seamlessly with the existing Steelo and Skins lines, so fashionistas have endless accessory options to (in Melis’s words) “bring out your inner rockstar.”

“It’s not safe, and I think sometimes people are afraid to wear more of a statement piece of jewelry.  I try to make it girly enough, but yet a little bit on the edge so that you’re not in a safe place with your accessories,” said Melis about her lines.

We had such an amazing time working with Melis (seriously, she’s the most passionate person ever!) and obviously we cannot get enough of her FAB accessories. See more for yourself at And don’t forget to “Like” her on Facebook and “Follow” her on Twitter to see what gorgeous creations she comes up with next!

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