Square 1 Series Artist Spotlight – Mark Reed

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The Square 1 Series is a showcase and creative experience that sets the stage for highlighted acts of visual art, poetry performances, and fashion design. It is a show that connects the local community of artists and represents the root of all great ideas.

Square 1 Phoenix Brandon Greer MonOrchid Gallery Roosevelt Row

Brandon Greer of My Boy B has had this idea in mind for quite some time, and is ready to put his ideas into action! We couldn’t be more excited for the first event, Daydreaming at Night, after hearing about all the great artists and surprises that will be in store. We wanted to pass on our excitement to you, so we have decided to spotlight a few of the artists that will be participating in the show over the course of the next week.

Artist Spotlight – Mark Reed

Mark Reed is a highly acclaimed and published poet whose work is celebrated by literary magazines, government organizations, and his peers alike. After great success with his collections, “Could You Relate?” and “Puzzles“, he has embarked on a new collection titled “Remember?”.
Mark’s style of writing captures the glimpse of personal experiences, childhood memories, and urban life all conjoined together. The pictures and writings that coincide with each other are pieces of art that people can relate to from so many different perspectives. Growing up in in the low income areas of North Houston, Mark uses his poetry and pictures to influence others to learn about what’s going on in these areas that appear all around the world.

Below is a sample of some of Mark’s poems from his newest collection, “Remember?”.

Quiet Disturbance

Quiet Disturbance Mark Reed Square 1 Phoenix MonOrchid Gallery

Everyone parades the street,

Leftovers are left over on the sidewalk

While music and laughter ignites

From every historical establishment

Aligned along the curb of festivities.

Wasted alcohol and food litter the streets,


A homeless man passes out from hunger

As his stray dog nudges him.


Trash continues to join

The bird shit that’s stained to the poor resting pavement.

No worries,

No problems,

No concerns.



One Word Text

One Word Text Mark Reed Square 1 Phoenix MonOrchid Gallery

Hey! I was just thinking about you!



So, what are you doing?



So, nothing?



Converse with me in a responsive manner

To where I could hardly bear to read in silence

As I playback your voice in my head.


Speak to me in ways you never have,

Tell me your most personal anecdotes,

Text me a passage as if you were writing me a childish love note,

Depict a dream of dialogues with words

That would take years to possibly live out.




To hear Mark Reed recite more poems from the Remember? collection, be sure to stop by Square 1 Daydreaming at Night on April 7th, 7 – 10pm at MonOrchid Gallery in Phoenix.

Buy your tickets here and use code ‘COUTURE‘ at checkout to get your ticket for $5.

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