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Melis Accessories Launches Collection of Positive Affirmation Bracelets

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new shopping platform which will highlight our favorite emerging brand’s products. Now, not only you can read about the most exciting new products on the market here first, you can buy them right on the same page! (Keep scrolling to shop our first items!)

Each company and product featured will be tested and tried by the Couture in the Suburbs’ team to make sure we are only bringing you the best items available. Think of us like your trusted personal shoppers, without the fees.

The first company featured, Melis Accessories, is a dear friend to Couture in the Suburbs. You’ll frequently see our team sporting her jewelry all around town. We are super honored to be launching her newest collection of Affirmation Bracelets in conjunction with the launch of our shopping platform. Talk about a match made in fashion heaven.

About Melis Accessories

Phoenix-based jewelry brand, Melis Accessories, has made her mark on the industry, both locally and nationally, in a big way. With stock lists including luxury spas like Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, L’Auberge and JW Marriott, owner and designer, Melis, is one person you definitely want to pay attention to.

Affirmation Bracelets Daily affirmation bracelets

Melis Accessories’ most popular line is their Energie line which is designed with positive healing energies and messages with a bit of Rockstar design aesthetic.

Melis started the Energie line after going through her own personal journey, which lead her on a new path of positivity and happiness. She says that she sees her life through new eyes and that each day brings so much growth and gratitude. Melis believes that if you can begin each day with positivity, and are kind to yourself and others, you will begin a new path of happiness and healing that is contagious to those around you.

She is now sharing this journey with the world in hopes of creating new change and positive thinking with her accessories. As she always says, Positive ENERGIE is Contagious!

Melis Accessories Affirmation Bracelets Energie Spirtuality

Shop Affirmation Bracelets

Get your hands on Melis Accessories’ newest product, the affirmation bracelet, here first! Couture in the Suburbs is beyond excited to be launching our brand new ecommerce platform with Melis Accessories’ Affirmation Bracelets before they are available anywhere else (seriously, you can’t even buy them on her website yet!)

To celebrate the launch of our two new projects, we have partnered with Melis to offer a special introductory price that is $10 below the retail price.


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These bracelets look awesome worn on their own, or in a stack mixed with the other Energie crystal bracelets (like you’ll frequently see Lindsay wearing). The Affirmation bracelets also make great gifts for anyone who is beginning a new chapter of life, or just in need of some positive energie!

About Affirmation Bracelets

The affirmation bracelets are designed with Jasper stones, which promote nurturing and healing. They are also the spirit stones of courage and wisdom and carry a strong connection to the Earth’s energy, making the healing properties beneficial for grounding and strength. Each bracelet comes with a daily affirmation to say aloud each day to strengthen the energie and begin a new enlightened path The affirmations represented by the bracelets are:

“I Choose to Love Myself.”

“I Choose to Let Go.”

“I Choose Forgiveness.”

“I Choose to Be Grateful.”

Sometimes it is hard to understand exactly how daily affirmations work. Many people think that it is just silly and fluff.  But Melis says, for her, it was baby steps of just saying the words aloud each day and letting them slowly sink in.
“If you say out loud that you love yourself, but you don’t really believe it because they are “just words”, don’t worry, I get it!  The key to successful affirmations is to find a way of saying them that resonates with YOU!” – Melis

Melis suggests starting your affirmations by including the words choose or try.  For example start by saying “I CHOOSE to TRY to love myself today” each day a few times and the words will begin to feel more natural and accepting to your mind. This begins the process. Eventually, you will be able to add in affirmations that are in line with your personal journey.  She believes that by saying choose or try, your mind is able to accept things on a smaller level so it does not feel like such an impossible task.  She promises, with daily practice, you will quickly find that you will begin feeling different, seeing the world differently, others differently, your life differently.   You will be on your way to an amazing new journey.

Your days will be happy.  Your relationships will be happy.  Your dreams become possible.

Melis Accessories Affirmation Energie Bracelets Positive Jewelry

Melis explains how the affirmations work like this:

“I feel that we encounter what I call “seeds” that are planted into our soul from a very young age. These might be tiny negative statements that are said to us, or even thoughts we believe to be true, that we experience growing up and in our daily lives.

Each of these so-called seeds are planted in us, creating negative thoughts that grow stronger with each day, with each month, with each year.  These seeds eventually become a “PLANT” in our soul.  We nurture and take care of this plant by repeating these negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves, and our situations, not realizing how they become what we now know as our Truth.

Positive energy healing affirmation bracelets melis accessories

In order to get rid of those negative thoughts and beliefs, we must remove them by planting new “seeds’ with daily affirmations. The affirmations will remove the old plants and begin to grow new positive ones. If you speak them aloud each day, you are planting a new seed and begin the growth of that new positive ‘plant” with new life and new beliefs. Eventually you will have even more new seeds full of love and strength and a new Truth inside you!

It is super powerful and, although it does take a little bit of time, it is nothing compared to the decades of time you have believed the negative ones, or held on to the past, or not forgiven yourself or others.  It is really amazing when you can see the changes in even as little as a few weeks….and it only gets better with time. It is your journey and I hope I can help you start that journey.”

“ I choose to let go of the past releasing all doubts and fears…”

We truly believe in the power of words, and the power of positivity. Every day is a new opportunity to choose happiness.
Live Happy, Live True, Live Positive!

To see more from Melis, be sure to follow her Instagram @melisaccessories.

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