The Top 9 Coffee Shops in Phoenix

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In case you weren’t able to tell from our Instagram feed, we really, really, REALLY like coffee. You may even say our affinity for caffeine is part of the secret to our success (of course, how many people wouldn’t claim that?). Luckily for us, it’s kind of our job to look for cool local coffee shops. These are a few of our favorite places in Phoenix to start our mornings, or grab an afternoon pick me up , or end the day. Honestly it doesn’t really matter the time of day, you’ll find us hanging out at these coffee shops.

Be Coffee

Located in the MonOrchid Gallery in downtown Phoenix, Be Coffee serves some of the best locally roasted Infusion coffee and tea. As if that weren’t great enough, the stunning centerpieces from their neighbors, The Bosque, make the perfect Instagram backdrop. What more could a girl possibly ask for?


Cartel is sometimes judged as a hipster’s paradise, but before you write it off for something a little more swanky, we want to encourage you to actually stop and smell the coffee beans. Cartel is super particular about what they roast, working directly with top-notch importers and farmers. From their “green buyer” to their baristas, Cartel ensures that their employees know how to make a dang good cup of coffee. And you can taste that dedication in every sip. 

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Fáme Caffe

Fáme Caffe is one of the best brunch destinations around town in our opinion. But, even if you are just popping in for a quick caffeine boost, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Not only is everything they serve delicious, but the charming atmosphere will enchant you and have you feeling like you’re actually sipping your espresso in a chic Parisian cafe instead of in the heart of Phoenix.

Fair Trade Cafe

In our opinion, Fair Trade Cafe is the perfect location for business meetings or power work sessions. First and foremost, all their coffees are sourced from fair trade growers, so you can feel good about what’s in your cup. Secondly, their pastries and ice cream are phenomenal. It’s the ultimate incentive for hitting your deadlines. 

First Draft Book Bar

First Draft is located inside The Newton complex on 3rd Avenue and Camelback. What makes it one of our top destinations isn’t the coffee (which is DELICIOUS by the way), or the fact that you can also get wine & beer (BONUS!), but the fact that you can grab your glass and walk around the Changing Hands bookstore any time you’re in need of a little inspiration. Also, if you haven’t tried classic novels with wine in hand, you’re seriously missing out.


One of the best things about Jobot is, without a doubt, their hours. Because they’re open 24 hours on the weekend, and until midnight during the week, there is absolutely no excuse not to stop in and try some of their awesome coffees and nibbles. You can run into us on any given day, along with several other creatives and small business owners. Trust us, the conversations are always fascinating.

Lola Coffee

Need some good energy in addition to a good cup of coffee? Look no further. With its buzzing atmosphere and INSANELY delicious coffee, Lola is the perfect pick me up when your eyelids are feeling heavy and you have 10 million things left on your to-do list. Grab a tasty treat, and you’re guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face, and a spring in your step.


Some people complain that Lux is always SO crowded, but we argue that’s because it’s SO good. You may feel out of place, you may feel like you’re not nearly indifferent enough to fit in, but that’s all part of the experience. One sip of their coffee or taste of their mac & cheese will be worth it. We promise. 

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Royal Coffee

Royal Coffee is the perfect place to get a quick sip while walking around the Biltmore. The coffee is phenomenal, and the Instagram opportunities endless. Bonus: They always keep copies of one our favorite local reads, Java Magazine. Talk about the perfect afternoon escape.

These are a few of our favorite coffee shops in Phoenix. What are some of your favorites in your city? Show us using #CitSCoffee.


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