Wanderlust. A fashion editorial by Cosmogyral.

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Cosmogyral – Dream of Romance

Luxury attire designed for the wanderlust in you.

Phoenix fashion week designer cosmogyral

Photos courtesy of Cosmogyral


As the summer heat thrives on here in Phoenix, it’s impossible not to daydream of escaping to somewhere cooler and more inviting. I find my thoughts drifting to days on the beach, unplugged from technology, smelling the salty air and feeling the sand between my toes. When I stumbled upon this gorgeous editorial spread from Phoenix Fashion Week designer, Cosmogyral, I felt like the designer had dipped straight into my daydream and embodied it in a photo. And, I simply had to share.


beach editorial phoenix fashion week designer cosmogyral

beach photo shoot

gorgeous beach editorial

beautiful editorial cosmogyral

photo shoot beach editorial

photo shoot phoenix fashion week

beach wedding photo shoot

vogue editorial photo shoot phoenix fashion week

beach editiorial

cosmogyral beach shoot

beach photo shoot editorial fashion designer

Fashion: Cosmogyral
Photographer: Alyssa Lizarraga
Hair and Make-up: Alex Flores
Models: Morgan Mouton & Andrea Hunt

About the Designer

Cosmogyral, one of the newest designers in Phoenix Fashion Week’s emerging designer program, is a brand for those who wander. It’s designed for the traveler and adventurer… the wanderlust in every woman.

Jenine Nerecina, the founder and head designer of Cosmogyral, was born and raised in the Philippines and uses her heritage as a sense of inspiration for her Los Angeles based brand. The collections are designed for women of all shapes and sizes, who like to whirl around the universe in beautiful, experimental clothing. Nerecina thrives in all things romantic, ethereal, and dreamy!

The designer learned to sew when she was just 7 years old and has been creating pretty much ever since. In college, she majored in fashion design, and during her last year, decided to start her own clothing brand. After showing at LA Fashion Week multiple times, she was invited to Phoenix Fashion Week’s Meet & Greet event. Nerecina was drawn to the fact that the organization’s main goal is to help designers actually sell their products; the fashion show is a welcomed bonus.Cosmogyral is currently designing and creating a Spring/Summer 2017 collection that is marketable and made to sell.

Continue to follow Cosmogyral’s Phoenix Fashion Week adventure by following her on Instagram @cosmogyral.la.



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