Retail Takes a New Meaning at the University of Arizona

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edited101Since 1993, The University of Arizona has been home to the Retailing and Consumer Sciences program. The program was created with the hopes of uniting expert instruction with the business of retail, ultimately developing some of the most competitive professionals in retail industry. To honor University of Arizona graduate and COE of Macy’s, the center was named after Terry J. Lundgren, establishing partnerships with renowned companies and connecting them with the most qualified students of the industry. Ok… so as a student of the center, I am a little bias. Ironically, one of the first lessons my professor taught in a class that I was in this past semester was about the dangers of biases;edited100 I am not positive, but I think he might approve about this specific one.

With the help of 2,000 supporters and $25 million raised, The Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing has the honor of residing in McClelland Park, the first building at the University of Arizona to be built with 100% of private funds. The amount of opportunities that come with being a student of the program are endless, which I can vouch for; I have gained both knowledge in the classroom and experience outside the classroom because of the program and all it offers. The center partners with reputable retailers throughout the country allowing students the opportunity to network and connect with top retailing companies and professionals.

The Terry J Lundgren Center for Retailing hosts the annual Global Retailing Conference in Tucson, Arizona, bringing together some of the most renowned names in retail to give insight of the future of retail and the innovation of the industry. Companies like Tory Burch, Tommy Hilfiger,Vera Wang and more. As students of the center we have the chance of attending this event as an experience of gaining knowledge in this business. This past April, I attended the conference and I was overwhelmed with the number of retailers who attended and also inspired by the information presented.


2016 Global Retail Conference

The program also allows for opportunities through different clubs. A club in particular that I am involved in is called TREND. Being a member of TREND has allowed me to participate in volunteering at Phoenix and Tucson fashion week as well as attending the MAGIC Trade Show in Las Vegas. TREND focuses a lot on the fashion side of the industry rather than the business side, which is what is taught in the classroom. I absolutely love TREND and the opportunities it brings because I am so passionate about fashion and this club offers numerous ways to engage with that passion. The club also brings in many people involved in the industry, giving members more one on one time for receiving advice and creating relationships. Because of TREND, I had the chance of meeting the college recruiter for Ross which led to a week-long externship this summer in Ross’s Los Angeles buying offices and I couldn’t be more thrilled to see what the opportunity will bring.


2016 Magic Trade Show, Las Vegas

SO, basically I love my school and the retailing program; mostly, I love that just about everyday I am learning something new that I could potentially apply to my degree. The faculty of the program genuinely want the students to succeed, which is always so motivating and reassuring. I feel fortunate to be apart of something monumental that only continues to grow!

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