Phoenix Fashion Week Front Row Series #1 – Eva Louis

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Each year for Phoenix Fashion Week, our team highlights the best fashion on the runway. But, what you don’t usually get to see, is all the incredible people sitting in the AUDIENCE. We wanted to change that, so we’ve partnered with Phoenix Fashion Week to highlight a few of the VIPs that will be sitting Front Row this year at the runway shows. Get to know the movers and shakers of the local fashion scene as they talk about what they are most looking forward to at Phoenix Fashion Week 2016.

Get to Know Eva Louis

Eva Louis is a local marketing & PR specialist supporting artists in film and fashion. This Arizona enthusiast has been supporting Phoenix Fashion Week for years now, and every June for the last 5 years she is the FIRST PERSON to buy a VIP Front Row seat for the runway shows! She certainly has a passion for the fashion community of Phoenix, so we had to find out more about what she is most looking forward to at the upcoming event.


Photo courtesy of Steven Fellheimer

CitS: What makes Phoenix Fashion Week a must-attend event for you?

EL: For me and my organization, Phoenix Fashion Week represents a culmination of work and effort put into representing the fashion industry day in and day out for the last twelve months. Phoenix Fashion Week is not just an event, it’s a lifestyle and a way of life for many that are involved. It feels like the Oscars for fashion when this time of year hits. The event includes everything that you would want from glitz and glamour, to the accolades and recognition given for the designers and all that participate to bring this event to life. It’s my Christmas and New Year’s all wrapped into these three days of runway shows. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

CitS: What are you looking forward to most about Phoenix Fashion Week this year?

EL: Every year, I’m impressed with the tenacity of the effort put in by the designers to make the runway shows come to life. Shop Garment District this year proved to be one of the finest previews of what is to come during fashion week and I’m looking forward to the programs that are created specifically by the designers to showcase their brand. The story behind each individual designer is very telling as to the struggles they have overcome and the vision they have to deliver on their dreams. This is where you have the opportunity to see their true heart in why they do what they do.


Photo courtesy of Steven Fellheimer

CitS: What’s your favorite place to go to dinner at before the runway shows?

EL: The Ocean Trail at Talking Stick Resort is my favorite that you can never go wrong with. Their fresh oysters, especially the Iced Seafood Platter, will definitely appease the appetite. The style of the seafood bar provides a familiar experience of eating on the bay or beachfront with the freshest seafood.

CitS: Can you give us an idea of what you will be wearing?

EL: Every year I’m fortunate to get to know the emerging designers and support them from the sidelines, not only by covering them as media, but also by wearing some of their designs. Over the past few years, Saturday night was always reserved for an outfit reveal of one of the emerging designers. This year, I’ll be wearing something from one of the emerging designers each night. Thursday night I’ll be focused on something contemporary chic from Laura Tanzer’s collection. On Friday, Amanda Casarez’s avant garde looks definitely will be a highlight. Finally for Saturday night, Barbara Bultman’s powerful structures will be my draping for the evening.


Photo courtesy of Andrea Anderson

CitS: Do you have any early favorites for Designer of the Year?

EL: Out the gate, I fell in love with Barbara Bultman’s spunky and bulletproof attitude and drive. So, of course, I’m a huge fan and totally enjoy what she has demonstrated to date, with her leather accessories and her fabric choices for the collection. I had the opportunity to also spend some time and get to know Amanda Casarez and what she displayed on runway with Monica Mauro’s accessories so far and I wholeheartedly believe in her talent and abilities to create stunning looks. Of course there is always talk in the fashion circles. Other designers that have been called out for their leading talents have been Aconav and Isy B, who have clearly showcased their experience and overall depth to their business development. But I think you know who I’d like to see as some top winners this year.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Eva Louis this year at Phoenix Fashion Week. You can follow her on Instagram @elouisfashionfilm for some exclusive shots of her outfits for the event and her favorite runway looks.

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